Dr. Malcolm Linsell Apology – August 6, 2006

The Board of Directors of Vividés Ltd. included Dr. Malcolm Linsell and his former wife Fiona Linsell. When you have a director who is a shareholder as well as the representative of a large number of shareholders it is not a simple task to work with them when they demonstrate highly irregular, socially unacceptable behavior and are guilty of misconduct. In most companies, if a regular employee behaved like this they would be instantly dismissed. Not so easy in senior management.

The board invested significant amounts of time to work with, support and manage Dr. Malcolm Linsell’s odd behavior including referring him to a Psychiatrist for professional treatment.

The reference to Goldzone in this email refers to Goldzone Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. an exclusive licensee of Goldzone Corporation. At the time they used the Goldzone name under license. The company name was changed to Vividés Ltd. when the license and rights to use the Goldzone name expired. 

During this period Dr. Linsell continued to practice Plastic Surgery, while his investment in Australian Leadership Centre Pty. Ltd. languished.

As you will read in his own words below, he wanted “to be the star and get sex and money from people.” What? Seriously? How would one’s wife and colleagues feel about a director, father, and husband who behaves entitled like that? You will note that lots of promises to change are always forthcoming.

The behavior exhibited here is covered by the terms and conditions of the Master License Agreement and are grounds for termination of the license.

Looks like the classic Dark Triad at work. Read the below in Dr. Linsell’s own words and decide for yourself.


From Dr. Malcolm Linsell To A Client – April 14, 2005

Here we have a very nice email from Dr. Malcolm Linsell to a client. You will note that his title was Managing Director of Australian Leadership Centre Pty. Ltd. (formerly known as Goldzone Australia Pty. Ltd. under license).

Dr. Linsell states that moving to Singapore for one year to accelerate his Australian business was his and his former wife Fiona Linsell’s idea.

Why did Dr. Linsell change the story later?

Read his email below and you decide:


Dr. Malcolm Linsell Apology – May 17, 2013

Greed, self-interest, and low ethics are just a few of what Dr. Malcolm Linsell has admitted to and apologized for. It isn’t about what we consider to be ethics, but rather what most people would agree are socially acceptable standards of conduct and honesty expected of the Executive Chairman and Managing Director.

It upsets us that this type of behavior costs everyone and in this case led to the loss of more than $10 million, jobs, and the life savings of many people.

You decide.


An Open Letter


Dear Dr. Malcolm Linsell,

I am heartbroken by the bankruptcy, loss of jobs, and loss of tens of millions of dollars by people and companies in Australia and Singapore who trusted in you. This is an unacceptable and tragic failing of leadership. In your role as Executive Chairman and Managing Director of Australian Leadership Centre Pty. Ltd. and as the company’s largest individual shareholder, you were responsible for the success or failure of the company.

You created the company’s Australian business plan, negotiated various license agreements, committed the company to projects, managed the finances, and worked with investors to fund your projects.

At the same time, you were the Executive Chairman, and shareholder of the company’s largest corporate shareholder, Singapore-based Vividés Ltd. Your former wife, Fiona Linsell was the Managing Director. Under your leadership, both companies have failed, with Vividés Ltd. wound up by a creditor and the local Australian Leadership Centre Pty. Ltd. voluntarily liquidated by yourself after trading while insolvent for several years.

As you will recall, you were notified by several people about insolvent trading and acknowledged it in writing on March 7, 2013. At the time, you had many options to solve the company’s liquidity issues, however, you refused to do anything about it and continued with the same failing management practices.

You ignored advice from your consultants and advisors to focus on more than just financing. Not only that, you had promised your investors that the company was actively generating revenues from sales. Clearly, this was not true.

Dr. Linsell, as the leader of the company it is your responsibility to discharge your duties in the best interest of the shareholders. Clearly, you didn’t.

As you know, I along with many colleagues, your former wife, and family encouraged you to continue in Plastic Surgery. You countered us all by stating that you hated it, hated the smell of surgery, wanted to quit and never go back. You said you were tired of working with your hands and wanted more leverage and more money.

You are well aware that Anjou MacPherson was and I remain, pro-relationship, promote and live wholesome family values, personal responsibility, honesty, and sincerity.

In my opinion, you could have continued your corporate responsibility to Australian Leadership Centre Pty. Ltd., and Vividés Ltd., made good on promises you made to your fellow directors, investors, and stakeholders, while at the same time continued your Plastic Surgical work and been responsible for your personal finances. Alternatively, you could have handed over your corporate responsibilities to a more qualified professional and simply continued Plastic Surgery. I personally advised you many times to appoint a competent business leader or leaders for both companies with a proven track-record to manage the business, while you could have focused on your strengths (you have many). You refused. Instead, you chose to trade for years while insolvent, then filed for Voluntary Liquidation with the total loss of everything by everyone.

Clearly, you were not suited to the often challenging business of entrepreneurship, corporate leadership and owning one’s results whatever they may be. More than 300 people lost their investment, life savings, and jobs. Now, you are attempting to deflect the blame onto others for your lack of ethics, personal failings, business failings, and previous wife who had affairs and left you for another man.

Your accusation that you were involved with a Commercial Cult are preposterous and strenuously denied. You ran your own business and if anyone were operating a Commercial Cult it would be the leader, which would be you as Executive Chairman! It is not us who did not live up to your ethical standards, but the other way around. By your own admission, you have been grossly unethical and are at risk of criminal prosecution. You sent myself, your colleagues and others numerous emails over the years acknowledging your misconduct.

Please be advised that we will aggressively defend against your false accusations by publishing the facts and allowing the Public and Government Authorities to decide for themselves.

I wish you well with your Surgical Practice and hope that you will reconsider your chosen course of blame, and deflecting responsibility.

Dr. Linsell, please feel free to comment on any of our public posts if you feel we have stated facts incorrectly and we will include your comments so people can see the full story.

We will be publishing the story along with copies of emails and supporting documents regularly here >>> https://australianleadershipcentre.com

Should you wish to reconsider your position and offer a public apology, pay back at least a token of the money lost by Australian Leadership Centre Pty. Ltd. and Vividés Ltd. investors, we will unpublish this website and move on.

The decision, as always, is yours.


Andrew John Harrison
Goldzone Corporation

Vividés Ltd. Wind Up Notice

The largest shareholder of Australian Leadership Centre Pty. Ltd. was Singapore-based Vividés Ltd.

Dr. Malcolm Linsell was Executive Chairman and shareholder of both companies and his previous wife, Fiona Linsell was also Finance Director of both companies and Managing Director of Vividés Ltd.

Please refer to Item F, on Page 2, which states that the value of other assets was $25,000. This is referring to the realizable value of Australian Leadership Centre Pty. Ltd. How did the book value of $850,000 go down to $25,000? Is this what Dr. Malcolm Linsell has been advising investors when making private offers to them or was the value of the company represented in the millions?

What is the official explanation for this discrepancy in value? Was the true value of the company misrepresented to Australian investors or misrepresented to the Singapore Government?

This appears to be fraudulent misrepresentation! You decide.

The official Wind Up Notice of Vividés Ltd. is available below: