This website was used under license by Australian Leadership Centre Pty. Ltd. (the Company) ACN: 111 814 905. The license to use this site was subsequently canceled due to nonpayment.

Currently, the Company is in the Voluntary Liquidation process, costing the Australian taxpayers, individuals and investors close to $5 million.

It is our opinion that the Executive Chairman/Managing Director Dr. Malcolm Linsell mismanaged the company, was grossly negligent, broke the law including trading knowingly while insolvent, misrepresented the facts to stakeholders and misappropriated shareholder funds.

This website is dedicated to telling the other side of the story and to stand up for the hard-working people, grandmothers, fathers and wives who lost their life savings as a result of Dr. Malcolm Linsell's inappropriate, illegal and destructive behavior.

We believe that it was terrible business decisions, poor management, insolvent trading, and outright negligence that lead to the failure of the Company.

If you are a supplier who has not been paid or an investor and lost your hard-earned money, contact us and we will add you to the fast-growing database.

In our opinion, this is a classic example of Narcissism run amok. Some would say this is the Dark Triad at work. We will present stories, examples, and experiences for you to make up your own mind. Feel free to disagree. At the very least we hope to inspire a healthy debate, right some wrongs and to educate and inform as many people as possible of the perils of unfettered greed and Narcissism.

Thank you.