Dr. Malcolm Linsell Apology – August 6, 2006

The Board of Directors of Vividés Ltd. included Dr. Malcolm Linsell and his former wife Fiona Linsell. When you have a director who is a shareholder as well as the representative of a large number of shareholders it is not a simple task to work with them when they demonstrate highly irregular, socially unacceptable behavior and are guilty of misconduct. In most companies, if a regular employee behaved like this they would be instantly dismissed. Not so easy in senior management.

The board invested significant amounts of time to work with, support and manage Dr. Malcolm Linsell’s odd behavior including referring him to a Psychiatrist for professional treatment.

The reference to Goldzone in this email refers to Goldzone Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. an exclusive licensee of Goldzone Corporation. At the time they used the Goldzone name under license. The company name was changed to Vividés Ltd. when the license and rights to use the Goldzone name expired. 

During this period Dr. Linsell continued to practice Plastic Surgery, while his investment in Australian Leadership Centre Pty. Ltd. languished.

As you will read in his own words below, he wanted “to be the star and get sex and money from people.” What? Seriously? How would one’s wife and colleagues feel about a director, father, and husband who behaves entitled like that? You will note that lots of promises to change are always forthcoming.

The behavior exhibited here is covered by the terms and conditions of the Master License Agreement and are grounds for termination of the license.

Looks like the classic Dark Triad at work. Read the below in Dr. Linsell’s own words and decide for yourself.



Thank you for taking the time to read this website.

If you are like most people, you have been duped at least once into believing the best in someone only to find out later that they were not what they represented.

Many of us are children of parents who may have neglected or even abused us. We ended up attracting other people into our lives who played out exactly the same roles. Often we are unaware of these dynamics.

Not many of us want to admit we have been gullible or abused. Yuk! Who wants to look like a sucker? Chump? Easy Mark? No one! And yet we end up encountering and entering into everyday relationships with people who are popularly known as Narcissists, Psychopaths or as Machiavellians. These are also known as the Dark Triad.

Many of these traits and characteristics are difficult to see and they can be represented by many of the people we know, love and trust. And yet, we can be very blind to seeing them.

They are often charming. Smooth operators. Always have a good story to tell. Always have an answer or justification for everything.

Among the top ten professions that attract Narcissists are CEOs and Surgeons.

We have been involved with Australian Leadership Centre Pty. Ltd. from its founding in 2004 through to its Voluntary Liquidation in 2014. The story of this Company is the story of Narcissism, greed, and self-interest passed off as persistence, doing what is right and wanting to make a difference. In order to cover up and avoid responsibility, a strategy of blame and pass the buck has been used, even so far as to suggest that the cause of the failure was an innocuous “Commercial Cult“. If anyone were a cult leader it would be the largest individual shareholder of the company, it’s Executive Chairman/Managing Director Dr. Malcolm Linsell. Every penny of the $4 to $5 million dollars that were raised from the public was raised personally by Dr. Malcolm Linsell. Not only that but the largest corporate shareholder of the Company was Vividés Ltd. based in Singapore. Dr. Malcolm Linsell was the Executive Chairman and shareholder of this company at the time of its Involuntary Liquidation due to losing a $10 million dollar judgment to Creative Technology Ltd. Who was the Executive Chairman of the company at the time of signing the lease and throughout the lawsuit? You guessed it, Dr. Malcolm Linsell.

Life was lost, life savings were lost, and the true story is stranger than fiction.

Here on these pages, we will tell the story of the Company, its people and the innocent victims of lies, deceit and Narcissism on steroids. The story of Vividés Ltd. will be > here.

You may be wondering yourself if this project actually was a Commercial Cult? Yup, we wondered what the heck that scary sounding label was too. We will be investigating and share our findings in full “no holds barred” exposé > here.

Once you are fully informed, you can make up your own mind.

If you have a similar story or would like to comment on anything here, please feel free to comment below or to write us directly > here.