Vividés Ltd. Wind Up Notice

The largest shareholder of Australian Leadership Centre Pty. Ltd. was Singapore-based Vividés Ltd.

Dr. Malcolm Linsell was Executive Chairman and shareholder of both companies and his previous wife, Fiona Linsell was also Finance Director of both companies and Managing Director of Vividés Ltd.

Please refer to Item F, on Page 2, which states that the value of other assets was $25,000. This is referring to the realizable value of Australian Leadership Centre Pty. Ltd. How did the book value of $850,000 go down to $25,000? Is this what Dr. Malcolm Linsell has been advising investors when making private offers to them or was the value of the company represented in the millions?

What is the official explanation for this discrepancy in value? Was the true value of the company misrepresented to Australian investors or misrepresented to the Singapore Government?

This appears to be fraudulent misrepresentation! You decide.

The official Wind Up Notice of Vividés Ltd. is available below: